NEW! Ceres Initiative DLC

The largest asteroid in the belt has finally chartered its first colony and there’s money to be made! Humanity proved that we could thrive on Mars... but, now we need to learn how to survive on a dead rock. Enjoy the brand new scenery of Ceres while mining for Uranium, a resource unique to the landscape of the frozen asteroid. Use it to power the new Nuclear Power Plant building and fuel your colony while you fight for dominance of the stock market once again!


  • New Location: Ceres - The largest asteroid in the asteroid belt, Ceres
      presents great challenges to colonization with its vast spans of ice
      and rock. Enjoy some new scenery as you crush your competition to
      remain on top of the stock market.
  • New Resource: Uranium - Only available on Ceres, this mineable
      resource provides power to Power Plants and is just one more way to
      manipulate the stock market in your favor.
  • New Building: Nuclear Power Plant - The new Power Plant is an
      excellent source of energy for your colony and can be built on any
      tile. This building is powered by Uranium and is only available on
  • New Patent: Liquid Batteries - This new patent could be critical to
      the success of your colony on Ceres. Liquid Batteries will allow you to
      keep your Solar Condenser running no matter what time of the day it
      is, collecting valuable carbon, oxygen, and water so you can keep
      your operations running smoothly.
  • New Challenge: Depleting Resources - On Ceres, resources deplete
      as they are used. Over time, your plots will start to decrease and
      you will need to be on the lookout for new resource points to mine
      since even the best of them won’t last forever.

Map Toolkit DLC

Build and design your own maps in the new map editor and share them with friends and rivals. With several new maps to get you started, you will be creating amazing Martian landscapes in no time.


  • New Map Editing Tool - Design and create your own Martian
      landscapes with looming plateaus, deep craters, and more.
  • New Maps - Enjoy several new maps, based on real Martian
      locations, perfect for getting started with editing your own.
  • New Campaign Locations - Explore the new maps that work with the
      “real Mars maps” option, now incorporated into the campaign.

Real Mars Map Pack DLC

Defeat your rivals in the frozen terrain of Ultimum Chasma, navigate the winding passes of Margaritifer Sinus, cross the trenches of Cerberus Fossae, and more! This map pack adds over 30 new maps to Skirmish and Multiplayer games. Designed by a planetary geologist, these maps model the actual Martian surface in each of the red planet’s regions and will add plenty of depth to your Offworld experience.

Soundtrack DLC

With a rich, unique, and otherworldly sound, Grammy award winning composer Christopher Tin (Baba Yetu, Civilization IV) will take you Offworld with this original soundtrack. Comprised of several dynamic tracks, enjoy the music of Mars anytime you like.

*Steam is required to play this game. Multi-pack can only be purchased through


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