Take to the Stars Episode Two: Maisie Song

Posted on Monday, August 14, 2017 By Tatiora

From the desk of Maisie Song

Seneca Development


Mars is beautiful.


When I say beautiful, I don’t mean the landscape -- although there is kind of an eerie serenity to it. No, what I really mean are the opportunities. My family wasn’t thrilled when I decided to take the job off world, but I wasn’t about to let the chance to become more than just an intern pass me by.




What I really wasn’t prepared for when I got there was the amount of debt. I guess it’s hard to shake those college eating-ramen-noodles-for-a-month habits so soon after graduating, but if I wanted to play in the ‘big leagues,’ as Paulo called it, I needed to start getting used to the idea of spending money in order to make money.



Hiring contractors who knew how to operate on Mars was the first step. I chose to set up my first base of operations at Sinus Sabaeus. While the chasms there were beautiful to look at, they proved to be somewhat difficult to construct around. The terrain was good for wind turbines, however, and I made sure to hire the best people I could find who would know how to optimize their use.


I tried to get a leg up on what patents I could, but I didn’t come to Mars alone. It almost seemed like every time I went to file a claim at the lab for something, someone else had already done it. Probably that stupid robot - their soulless, automated-sounding voices give me the willies. I couldn’t argue with their efficiency, though -- I would just have to be smarter.



Paulo always told me to expect the worst and hope for the best. Although I always keep his words in mind, I have to admit that the EMP blast that rocked my steel factories was unexpected. He would probably snicker and call me a wide-eyed idealist for missing all the signs of sabotage. I guess he’d be right, but that only makes me even more annoyed.


I got back at them, though. The robot got the worst of the EMP blasts, but I’m sure that ol’ Frankie boy and that other strange newcomer didn’t appreciate the strategically placed mountains of dynamite near their facilities, either. I would have appreciated more time to gloat about it, but the Marsquake caught all of us off our guards.



By the end of the week, the colony was turning to me for supplies and I was finally starting to see a light at the end of the tunnel regarding my debt. Competition doesn’t generally like being beaten, though, so I’m starting to think that my fight here has only just gotten started.

Take to the Stars Episode One: Philippa Ndiaye

Posted on Monday, August 07, 2017 By Tatiora

Philippa Ndiaye

Memo from the desk of Philippa Ndiaye
CEO of the Diadem Trust

The future lies in the hands of people like us. We must rise above these failings and lead humanity to greater prosperity.

My father is a wise man, and I have never forgotten those words. When he sought retirement and left his company to me, I followed his procedures to the letter - because they worked. Whispers of nepotism an an effortless inheritance based on anything but merit reached my ears, but I paid none of them any mind - they would all know soon enough.


An opportunity came sooner than even I thought it would. I had to move fast - there would be others having the same realization who wouldn’t be far behind me. The temptation of Io’s vast uranium deposits carried enough potential for growth and gain that it made moving offworld worth the risk.

It was mere months before my vision was fully realized. The Joseph was everything I dreamed that it would be and more. I could oversee all of our operations on Io from my orbital command center and rely on the experts in my employ to take care of things on the surface.

As I’d predicted, others flocked to Io to chase the same theories and reap the same profits. I don’t believe they perceive me as much of a threat - they seem to think that by not setting foot on Io’s surface, that makes me weak. The ‘princess of the ivory tower,’ they called me.

I liked the sound of that.


Facing Rivals


Our work began in Io’s Eastern Basin. The first several days were a flurry of activity - resources pinpointed (what few there were), headquarters established, a build plan in order. I entrusted work on the surface to a promising young man named Tanner Westbrook. He took care in hiring the finest engineers and put them quickly to work. The basalt platforms that the Trust designed proved to be just as effective as I’d hoped; harvesting scores of Uranium from a planet otherwise considered dead and devoid was now reality.


I prioritized meeting the needs of the colony before the needs of company profit - all of that would come with time, and goodwill isn’t something that can be bought.


I wasn’t alone - long time business rivals of my father’s, Silas Crichton and Ezra Hoang, were already mining the soil for Io’s limited resources and were aiding the colony when it suited them. I don’t think they paid me much mind - a critical error on their part.


Night on Io


Well prepared though we were, our first week was not without its complications. Mr. Westbrook had chosen his people carefully within his budget but had deemed that specialists in farming were not immediately necessary. I will admit that the hemorrhaging of funds required to purchase what we needed to keep our people fed rather than growing it ourselves caused me brief alarm; I was assured that we would make up the difference elsewhere. I had my doubts.


Then came the damn pirates. The worker’s mutinies. The attacks on our computer’s mainframes. Attacks were coming from all fronts and it appeared that Silas nor Ezra intended to relent anytime soon.


Main HQ


I considered my contacts, bribed a few extra claims from some sources, and put more energy into mining the basalt. I suddenly had surpluses of sulfur and uranium on my hands. Although they didn’t sell for much, their continued production allowed me to continue to aid the colony.


At the end of the week, I knew my faith - shaken as it was - in my company’s people had paid off. The colony’s favor and business turned to the Trust, leaving Ezra and Silas to quarrel among themselves for what remained.


Things were falling into place beautifully, and I alone was reaping the rewards. I knew I would have to fight for it, that nothing would be easy from here on out. Nothing worth doing was ever easy, my father had said, and I’d spent my entire life preparing for challenges.


My time here on Io would prove interesting.

Offworld Trading Company - Community Map Event this Saturday, August 5th

Posted on Friday, August 04, 2017 By Island Dog

Community Map Event happening this Saturday, August 5! This is a casual event where everyone is welcome to come and play. All the details can be found in our Discord channel here.


Trial by Toxin - Io's Campaign

Posted on Wednesday, May 24, 2017 By Zultar327


Jupiter’s Forge is the first major expansion to Offworld Trading Company and it certainly wouldn’t be complete without additions to the campaign. Io has come to OTC, bringing with it significant changes to to resource tree, specifically centered around water. This means that simply adding to the Martian campaign was never going to be enough, and Io therefore has received its own separate campaign.


Every CEO in Offworld has received a new set of engineers that will be available when they begin an Io campaign. Obviously, the lack of water on Io requires different tools, and each CEO will be prepared for that challenge. These CEOs will all retain their old bonuses. This means that some CEOs will likely be better prepared for Io than they were even for Mars, such as Joji with their starting space elevator or Silas with his free Optimization Center. Others, meanwhile, might suffer a bit. Paulo Rubini in particular - with his Cold Fusion bonus - could prove to be a challenge for any player to bring to the finish line. Perhaps our biggest winners will be the Indie Devs Mikhail and Anastasia. Their access to all factions is sure to be even more powerful with Nomad and Elite headquarters available.


New blood will be entering the arena on Io as well. First up is Ezra Hoang, leader of the Penrose Collective. He brings with him the new Nomadic HQ and Geothermal Borehole. However, Ezra does not have access to any dedicated power production on Io, and will need to carefully consider each found in early scenarios until he’s able to hire those crucial engineers. Our other new company is the Diadem Trust with Philippa Ndiaye at the helm. As an Elite focused company, the Trust is dependent on advanced buildings. Thankfully Philippa brings with her an advanced building discount, halving the cost of hiring their requisite specialists. Philippa also has a host of powerful engineers and is the only CEO to begin an Io campaign with 100% basalt platform production.


The new CEOs bring with them new stories for the Offworld universe. Both seek the stores of Uranium that are available on Io, though each has their own purpose to turn it toward. The success of these expeditions will depend on your ability to guide them through the gauntlet that is an OTC campaign. The stories are told through each campaign length (4, 7, and 10 weeks). Once these are all completed for either CEO that leader’s final mission will unlock. This is a one week campaign which concludes the story of either Ezra or Philippa. While the new stories are focused on Io, Ezra and Philippa will be available on Mars for those seeking a fresh challenge on the red planet.

We’ll be back next week to talk more about Offworld’s imposing new faction, the Diadem Trust.


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